Monday, June 8, 2015

Oregon Summer: Part 3

My car broke down... Lucky it was in the drive way at my parents house. I had just gotten back to town - and I was thinking about driving an hour and a half away to Medford. I am glad I listened to the voice telling me not to go. The battery light had come one moments before so I thought maybe that was the culprit. So called Daniel, told him the problems and asked him what I should do. Maybe incouldnjust buy a new battery. He told me he would try to figure out what was wrong on his end and call me back. The next thing I new he was calling me back and was on the road headed to Oregon to fix my car himself! I think he just missed us!! After inspecting it he decided it was the alternater and 200 dollars later my car is running great!! I feel super blessed that I have a husband who can fix our cars. It was cheaper to have him come to Oregon and fix it then me taking it to someone else. 
After he fixed my car we took a drive to the river and Dan and the kids ended up swimming. It was such a beautiful day. 
Daniel stayed two nights and left early Monday morning. 

Oregon Summer: Part 2

My parents live in a little town called Winston Oregon. One of the things it is famous for - maybe the only thing?! Is the  Wildlife Safari. It is a "zoo" that you drive around and most of the animals roam free. My Parents have an annual pass, and we have already been about 5 times!! They have babies everywhere! Lions, Emu, Geese, Buffalo, and Cheetah! We have loved feeding the birds and the deer!     

Friday, June 5, 2015

Oregon Summer: Part 1

As I mentioned me and the kids are in Oregon for some of the summer break. After we left Utah we took our time getting to my parents house. The first night we stopped in Boise. We got to see my newphew, attended Simons band concert and take them out for ice cream. We only got to spend a couple of hours with them and I forgot to take pictures. It was nice catching up with them. They are super sweet kids and I love them to death. 
The next day we stopped for the night in Bend Oregon. We stayed at the Econo lodge- don't stay there!! It was super yucky! 
On the third day we stopped at Lava Lands national park and walked around. We where hoping to get to stop by some waterfalls too but it was raining and also we just wanted to get to my parents house and out of the car! 

New Beginnings

FYI: this so a long post - with NO pictures. I am writing it for my own records. 
 In my last post I mentioned that a lot of changes where coming to our family.
Another one of those changes is....We are in the process of moving back to North Idaho. I am in Oregon with the kids for the next month and Daniel is actually already in Idaho.
This was a hard decision to make - especially on my part. I was happy in Eagle Mountain, I had a great group of friends,my kids went to a great school they had friends and Daniel had a good job with insurance! Life was good.
When were first approached about moving back to North Idaho it was November of 2013. We were trying to have a baby and I said NO - no way was I ever going back. Then we where asked again in April and by then I was pregnant with Shepard. Daniel was feeling the push to go - he was tried of going no where in his job and wanted to make a change. After a lot of prayer we decided it just was not right for our family at that time. Daniel also decided to go to school. 
Then little by little things started unraveling. I keep having the feeling that it was because our Heavenly Father wanted us to move back to Idaho. I kept pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind. I didn't want to move - I did not want Daniel to work with his dad. It just was not going to happen. Plus I would be giving up a lot and at that point I did not want to. I liked having my husbands undivided attention and having him home at a set hour everynight. I loved having the weekends free and all the other extra perks that came with him working for someone else. 
A couple of weeks before Shepard was born Heavenly Father throw a huge stumbling block in our path. It was then that I knew I had to listen. I told Daniel what I had been feeling and he looked at me like I was crazy. He knew how much I DID NOT want to move back to Idaho. I also saw a light in my husbands eyes I had not seen in quite awhile. We knelt down and prayed and with that one prayer we both new where we needed to be.  
After a lot of talk and planning with his Dad we decided that we would move there by the end of May. Daniel was going to school and that would give him him time to finish the semester plus we would not have to switch our kids school in the middle of the year. 
So here it is June. Daniel is already been working for a week helping his Dad out. The plan is for Daniel to actually start his own company and get his own jobs but also work side by side with his Dad. 
I know this will not be easy. To tell you the truth this would of been my last choice. I know Daniel will be gone a lot. I know that sometimes the circumstances will be less then ideal. I know I will get frustrated, annoyed and mad. I know that I will see a lot less of my husband and that we won't have every weekend off. I know it will be really really really hard. BUT I also know that this is the right move for our family. Over the last several months my attitude has changed about a lot of things. I have been trying to see the good in people. I have been trying to see what I am suppose to learn when situations arise. So when life gets hard - and it will - I am going to try to look for the good. I also know that it wont always be easy and that I will struggle know and then to see the good - but the point is I am going to TRY!!! 
I am so excited to live closer to our families. I am excited for my kids to get to know their grandparents better. I am exited about the pine trees. I have really missed the pine trees! 
Right at this moment I am happy because my husband is happy. He is so excited about what the future might hold for our family. There is a new spring in his step!! He is nervous too. Because it might not work out (we are not stupid - come one!) - things might not go as we plan. But we have faith that our Heavnky Father has a plan for us. We have faith that he is going to guide us in the right direction if we listen! We know that there is a reason we are suppose to go home even if we don't know exactly what that reason is...I can't wait!! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

8 months old

I keep thinking I need to blog and then days, weeks, months and an entire year goes by.
Things are changing in our family (and we've added an extra kid in the mix) that I have decided I need to try to document our life once again!
A little change that happens 8 months ago, we had another baby! 
   Meet Shepard McKinley Clement.  
    Born September 27 at 3:50am. 20 inches and 8.3lbs

We are all in love with him (even after 8 months)! When he was born he had trouble breathing - he was breathing to fast. Usually a baby's breaths pre minutes are between 30-60 and his was about 120. He was actually breathing so fast the machine could not keep up with him! He spent 3 1/2 days in the NICU. Those were hard days, especially the day I was discharged and had to leave him behind. But he started breathing slower and got to come home. His doctor actually says  every time we see him that he can't believe he was born with premature lungs - because he is doing everything early and he is growing like a weed. All my other kids never made it past the 25% in height and Shepard is above 80! 
At eight months he is crawling, pulling himself up the furniture and crusing around like crazy. He can even stand for a couple seconds without support! But I am hoping he does not start walking for another couple of months so Daniel can be there!